Adrenonline is the art and design portfolio
of Morgan Moore: A graphic designer who creates
artwork, illustrations and photography.

Born and Raised - Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Personal Life - Married to Christina for seven years.
They have a baby boy named Salem and a twelve pound
dog named Appy.

• When not working - Trail running, biking,
skating, snowboarding and traveling.


Seven years of experience working with large,
medium and small agencies in Florida, Georgia,
North Carolina and Maryland. This includes full-time
employment as well as freelance.

• Work Description - Appreciates all styles of design
and is self motivated, hardworking and organized.
Constantly focusing on kerning, commercials and design.

College Degrees - Graphic Arts and Marketing
from Appalachian State University.

Status - Accepting Freelance Projects.





Email: / Call: 954-253-1113 / Location: Boca Raton, FL